Peter Jones Academy – Promoting Entrepreneurial Spirit

Peter Jones

Peter Jones Academy – Promoting Entrepreneurial Spirit

Learning by Doing‘. Absolutely. I stumbled across the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy via Twitter and think it is a fantastic initiative.

For those non UK folk, Peter Jones has led and developed a very successful business career in a myriad of different product and service industries rapidly becoming one of the UK’s most wealthy and influential entrepreneurs. He is also one of the established ‘Dragons’ on the UK hit TV series ‘Dragons Den’ where a panel of successful business folk have new ideas ‘pitched’ at them by aspiring (and sometimes established) entrepreneurs looking for for financial investment and support in their businesses in return for a share in their business.

Any initiative which looks to help youngsters develop their young, creative entrepreneurial aspirations and dreams by helping to forge partnerships between real life business, schools/colleges/universities, parents and the world of work gets a massive thumbs up in my book.

Don’t misunderstand me, there are many other similar initiatives out there that do excellent work too – but having read up a bit on this one it has caught my attention.

And besides, Mr Jones is far too tall a chap to argue with. Check out the link above.