Jony Ive and Marc Newson talk about ‘Red’ design and the ‘Red’ auction for charity

I love this. Two of my favourite designers in converstation about what good design is and what motivates them.

Jony Ive and fellow designer Marc Newson sat down with Charlie Rose (American TV host and Journalist) to discuss their recent charity auction. The interview is over the course of 40 minutes and they chat about working with Bono’s ‘Red’ charity and take a tour through Sotheby’s to see many of the items up for auction.

“The thing about design, the thing about what we do, is that it’s not necessarily meant to be expensive,” Newson says, explaining how they approached curating the auction.

“I mean, design is necessarily supposed to be accessible and we’re now faced with a situation where we’re trying to raise money. This is not like art.”

The designers’ collection is eclectic but maintains a clear coherence through its recurring use of red and white.

It’s worth hearing straight from the designers what went into making it all happen and taking a closer look at some of the gorgeous products they created for this charity auction.


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