£30,000 Bursaries for talented Artists across the Creative Arts

£30,000 Bursaries for talented Artists across the Creative Arts

I stumbled across this link whilst I was looking for some information about design-related funding for educational initiatives.  Rather than try to re-write the article I have quoted from it below. Sounds really interesting and useful. Anything that helps to support the creative industries gets my vote. This initiative includes Music, Performing Arts, Dance, Visual Art, Creative Producing and Creative writing.

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For the third year running Sky Arts, in association with’ IdeasTap’, is giving away five £30,000 bursaries and mentoring support to talented artists aged 18-30 from the UK and Ireland. And this year, it could be you…

Sky Arts recognises that there’s an incredible amount of young talent in the arts today, but finding a way to get your work made is an ever-present challenge – so together we’re on the lookout for five more artists to support.

The fund is designed to help emerging artists from a range of different disciplines to develop their creative practice and take their work to the next level. In addition to the £30,000 bursary, winners are also paired with relevant business and creative mentors from Sky and their industry to support them along the way.

Producer Kate Whitley, one of our 2013 Futures Fund artists, said:

“Winning the Futures Fund has been totally transformative for my work – as well as the financial support, it has offered a wealth of knowledge and experience that I would never have come across otherwise. It has completely turned the project around and helped it grow in ways that I couldn’t have even imagined!”

Happy 50th Birthday Porsche!

A great little video showcasing all the iconic Porsche 911 models over 50 years and ending with a ‘birthday song’ using the delicious ‘flat six’ engines as the instruments….nice.

It’s funny how things turn out…cars, design, education or rock music?

I have had some really lovely comments back from folk who have stopped by to read a post from my blog. Thank you. 

Originally aiming to ‘drop stuff off’ mainly on design and education I have also thrown some other bits into the mix that relate to my passion for all things automotive (as can be seen from my header photo – the two toys in my life – a Caterham nee Lotus Seven and an Aprilia Moto 6.5 designed by Philippe Starck – one of my favourite designers).  I have had quite a few emails requesting some information on these two so I will be writing something about them shortly for you. In the meantime…




My point for this entry is this. Although I originally wanted to share my professional experiences and passion for design education (I am a Design Teacher by trade….) there is obviously a tide of interest in my passion for petrol-head stuff.  And I can write all day on that area of study too!  My other love is good-old-fashioned-toe-tapping-Rock-music such as AC/DC, Van Halen, ZZ-Top, Chickenfoot (and loads more besides…).

Oh, and I love the cartoon character ‘Wile E Coyote‘ too…(‘Wile7 is my car forum handle). So, I will diversify a little to include more on the ‘other stuff’ whilst retaining the design education focus as well.

Below is a photo of Brian Johnson (Lead singer with AC/DC) parking his beloved 1928 4.5 Litre Bentley Touring affectionately named ‘Thunder Guts’. A great mix of rock and automotive icons 🙂


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Again – Thanks for reading – I really appreciate it!