Color us impressed, or at least properly intrigued

On first glance this looks like a wonderful piece of design. I wonder what it drives like? Love the colour too….

Motoring Con Brio

Yes, it’s a Kia— but it wears indisputably sharp, Peter Schreyer-penned duds. And remember, Japanese cars were once looked down upon, too (in the not-too-distant past, no less). Could this car be to Korea what the Datsun 240Z once was to Japan?

More on this here.

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2 thoughts on “Color us impressed, or at least properly intrigued

  1. David,

    Automotive design is as multinational as any other business. Today any car company (that can afford it) can have their cars designed anywhere in the world. China’s indigenous car industry would be bust without the availability of Italian designers working in Italy for them. As you know China has very little capacity or interest for high level design themselves. Great blog — keep up the good work.


    • Thanks for this Mitch – sorry it took so long to reply to this. I agree with you…the world is very much a small place nowadays especially with regard to design and engineering. Companies porn themselves out for a range of reasons not least financial reward. I still have very fond memories of you walking around Wanchai with a sound system on your shoulder blaring out Ted Nugent ‘Paralysed’. Awesome. Hope you are well. Take care. Dave

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