Love Cars? Some of the Best Photos of Iconic Cars ever.

Love Cars? Some of the Best Photos of Iconic Cars ever.

I enjoy photos of cars – especially iconic cars in stunning locations. The skill of the photographer is paramount. Was it planned? Complete luck? Or was it simply the ability to make post editing changes that tweak the final image?  As the writer of the blog says; “Love it or loathe it, the use of Photoshop or similar software in modern day pictures is now an integral part of our lives”.

Personally, I’m not averse to a bit of technology ‘tweaking’ to provide that extra bit of drama and flair. That said I also like the ‘old school’ approach with filters, lights and other subtle props. 

Whatever your own opinion, art is always going to be subjective and down to personal taste. Hope you enjoy this link. I did.

‘Hanker’ Part 2. Youngtimers (warning – Car Content)

Well, here is a collection of absolutely wonderful machinery from the 1970’s and 1980’s that I really hanker after.

Saloons, Wagons, coupes….all collected together and driven on track, on roads and just cruising. The Mercedes with the surf board on top particularly appeals…I have an old W124 estate – I think it might succumb to that look!

Not sure what a Caterham (nee Lotus) 7 is?

Then this short video should help you. Although it’s for the Canadian market I just like all the ingredients that this film has. Speed, handling, excitement, thrills….’Low Flying’ at it’s best. Yes, I’m biased. I’m lucky enough to own the white one shown in the photo on this blog. Motoring Nirvana? Absolutely.

Buying The First Car For Your Eldest Child. Pleasure or chore?

learning-to-driveI have just been through my first experience of buying a car for my eldest daughter. Now, you have to bear in mind here that her dad i.e. me, is a major petrol head and loves cars. So, problem number one is dad. Truth be told I already had a list of cars in my head that I had shortlisted for my darling No.1 kid – but would she feel the same?

So, onto problem number two. Eldest daughter. I love her to bits but I had a feeling that she would be overly explicit with regard to what she wanted for her first set of wheels. My mind went like this… New car (fat chance, my budget all in with insurance was only £2000), Bling (Mercedes, BMW…err, not on my watch), Pink with mirror flake paint (you kidding? This thing has to sit outside my house…) and kick ass stereo (again, no, I want her to appreciate the sound of a car, identify noises and possible problems by ear, hear emergency services coming up behind her and so on).

lplate-300x300Problem number three? Insurance. We’re based in the UK so insurance is a big (financial) deal. I had heard horror stories talk about first time drivers costing as much as £4000 for the first year (admittedly for chaps – girls are apparently less risk. Little do insurance companies know…only kidding Mr Insurance Man). Anyway, insurance costs are crazy so this was a major consideration.

So, the day of the discussion was upon us. It was the weekend. I had walked down to my local Pub at lunch time to have a pint of my favourite Ale (a pint of ‘Sheredrop’ if you are asking) and then returned home.  That evening I opened a bottle of Merlot, poured a glass for my wife and a larger one for me. I thought I might need it. I went through in my head the ‘fallout’ scenario if the eldest ‘kicked off’ about the available choices I was about to propose. Unfair I realise but I was scared – very scared. She wants a Ferrari and I was thinking Austin Allegro….

hot-pink-ferrari-458-italia-girl-driving                           allegro

So, there we were. Sat in the lounge. Eldest sat on the sofa with her mobile phone in hand. Me on the opposite sofa, wine in hand sweating profusely. This could get messy.

So young lady, your first car beckons. I promised you one on your 17th birthday…so before dad kicks off on his ideal list of possible cars what are you thinking of?  What, in an ideal world, would you like?

Well papa, it must be red, or white or black”.  “Fine” I replied. So far so good. “And what else?” I asked nervously.

Don’t mind” she replied. Silence. Could I believe my ears? Red? That’s it? God I love this kid…

Er, okay…do you want to see the list of cars I have made…?” She came over and sat next to me. I had a folder on my Mac with some photos of the cars I was looking at. We had a browse.

Now, as I said earlier, I am a petrol head at heart. I knew what I wanted in an ideal world for my girl. I was not worried about high mileages providing there was a full service history with it. It probably had to be Japanese with a 1.0 litre engine, chain driven ideally, and with five doors (cheaper to ensure you know). A car club presence would be good (again, cheaper car insurance) and ideally it would be devoid of most electric things – less to fiddle with and less to go wrong. Not ‘slammed’ and not ‘tuned’.


I showed her my list all from around mid 1990’s to early 2000’s; Subaru Justy, Suzuki Swift, Daihatsu charade, Nissan Micra (K11 model) and a VW Lupo (the only non-Japanese offering).

“I like those” she said pointing at the Lupo and the Micra (the Micra I must say was my favourite choice from the start – a cracking little car). We chatted and I managed to steer her away from the Lupo simply because it only had three doors (and the general electrics, door locking and windows on them are prone to expensive repairs).

So, there we were. In ten minutes we were on the same page. I was gob smacked. Eldest was smiling…she thought the Micra was cute and retro. Result. I downed my glass of red and hit eBay, autotrader and the classifieds.

A stroke of luck – I stumbled across a red, 1997 1.0 Micra at a car specialist about 15 minutes away. 121,000 miles with full service history and local ownership since new. Gave them a call and arranged to go and see it the following day. A deal was done there and then after the test drive. My daughter was over the moon and dad was a very happy chappy. Car is pictured below.

Alexias car$(KGrHqVHJFQFHZM7fTljBR6TRfE2J!~~60_12

As a footnote the car was for sale at a fantastic local dealer specialising in all sorts of cars from Ferraris to Red, Nissan Micras. They were easy to deal with, very friendly (even replaced the original radio-cassette with a nice upgrade CD player unit) and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a car in the Surrey Hills/West Sussex area (between Guildford and Horsham). Give Ollie or Taylor a call at O.Davis Cars if you fancy a look. Their website with contact details is at:

I’ll certainly be back…I have fallen for the gorgeous M5 that they have for sale currently.

Sssshh. Don’t tell the wife.

Ever Hanker after Something?

Ever Hanker after Something?

Hanker. A verb. ‘Feel a strong desire to do something’.

Synonyms: yearn – crave – long – hunger – aspire – desire – covet

Have you ever ‘hankered’ after anything? If so, what?

I was gathering some pins together for my Pinterest boards and fell upon an iconic automotive design that I have adored since I first set eyes on it back in the day when watching a film with my dad.  It was a car. The Ford Mustang Fastback from the film ‘Bullitt’ with Steve McQueen.

The car is iconic for so many reasons; the Ford Pony car ‘done good’, American ‘coke bottle’ design at its best (mimicked by car designs in Europe with the Cortina MK3, Escort MK1 and the Capri…); a car that satisfied the masses in America and around the globe – a genuine car for the people in all its coupe and notchback forms.

Sure it handled terribly, only went well in a straight line BUT boy, didn’t it look good?

With that V8 burble sound track (forget the asthmatic V6 version…) which made the hair on the back of your neck stand up when at full chat…The epitome of ‘cool’. Throw in the suave Steve McQueen and you had quite a mix. The film was not bad either.

Anyway. I hanker after one of these cars. I want one. I yearn for one. For me it’s like a 32 Deuce coupe, a Ferrari 412, a Nissan Skyline 240K, a Toyota 2000GT, a Riva speedboat, a Harley hard-tail. I just love the look and the style that goes with it. Retro Design at its best. Cool.

Sadly there is one catch. Money. Roll on the lottery…