Who is to blame for this? The Architect or the Car Designer?

Who is to blame for this? The Architect or the Car Designer?

There is quite a storm brewing over the design of a skyscraper in London where, apparently, stray reflections of sunlight are melting vehicles parked below.  

Now, there is certainly a case for the architect to look at…and maybe this is something he had not considered (would you?). However, my bigger concern is why are luxury cars and vehicles succumbing to this? Growing up in Hong Kong, where cars were parked outside in very high heat all day (40C at times) there was no melting of car body parts or nonsense (granted, some cracked dashboards did occur…). 

My question is this. Who could you look to to blame for this? Architects and engineers not seeing the whole picture or car designers who are using cheaper materials and finishes nowadays?  I’ll be watching this story unfold.

One thought on “Who is to blame for this? The Architect or the Car Designer?

  1. Is either ‘to blame’?…I am sure the design constraints of the car are not just led by the designer….cost, economy, safety will all lead to the use of lighter and more flexible materials; like plastic body panels. Should the car be tested to ‘survive’ all environments or fit within a certain percentile and ‘trust’ to avoiding such extremes?….I’m sure though that such an eventuality came nowhere near the architects thoughts! 😉

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