It’s Not About The Technology. It’s How We Use It. Brilliant.

Seeing this video, and then watching it again (and again) made me both very excited, and very anxious, about the future.

We have the technology – it is out there. But, for me as as a designer and teacher this clip highlighted to me the fact that our focus in schools needs to shift with regard to ‘Technology’ (a word that I admit to not liking) and we need to shift significantly.

It’s about educating kids and adults on how to interface with the technology – NOT the technology itself. I see it with my mum. She has the technology at her fingertips (TV remote) but has no clue what button does what to change the parameters for her viewing pleasure even though she thinks the picture is a bit ‘red’ (for example). She has not been taught – it is assumed knowledge by the manufacturers of the TV.

This video is brilliant. It highlights the exciting times that we are moving in but at the same time it highlights the major issues (especially with an ageing population) that many will face by simply being ‘lost’ in a world overtaken by technology and in particular user interfaces.

Kids will cope – they will grow up with it and they soak this stuff up like a sponge. But the others? Mum, dad….? How will they cope?

Many thanks to #pierslinney for sharing this video link on his blog (which is well worth a read by the way…).

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