All this talk of (Royal) baby names…its not easy choosing.

I don’t think there is a worse profession to be in than teaching when it comes to naming a new born child.

I remember the trials and tribulations that we experienced with the birth of our first child (unknown as to whether it was a boy or girl then – our choice). At the time we were both teaching. My wife is French which adds a certain puissant to proceedings too. Trying to find a name that a) sounds good in both English and French b) Pleases both sets of grand parents c) does not remind you of some little snot nosed toe rag that you remember teaching many moons ago…is not easy. The list was endless plus you must not forget the constant stream of advice from friends, colleagues and family. A veritable nightmare!

In the end, our gorgeous (first) daughter popped out and we named her based on the names my wife and I had shortlisted based simply on the fact that we liked them. No family ties, no deep rooted heritage dragged into the equation…just nice sounding (to us at least) names that we felt suited our darling little girl. I should add that we also chose names that we felt could be ‘shortened’ later in life without losing anything (or getting stupid school-based nicknames entering the mix).  So, Alexia Jayne was born (later to become AJ or ‘Lexi’ to her mates – something we had not considered despite our best attempts to think through every possible outcome).

So, to dear Wills and Kate. If at the time of this blog entry a name has not been decided upon for your little chap, may I suggest the following? A name of strength, value, integrity, charm and devilish good looks. You will not be disappointed.

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