Taking the plunge

Ok. My first attempt at a blog entry…hopefully not my last….

After 27 years of teaching (mixed with some consultancy and inspection work) I have taken the decision to step down from the ‘teaching chalk face’ and set up on my own as a consultant within education. Muppet or brave?

My subject is Design & Technology (mixed in with some Art and ICT) and I have taught IB, MYP, A-Level, GCSE and iGCSE (For more information please visit my ‘about’ page).

This whole change in emphasis (work-wise) came about from two relatively recent events.

One was a conversation with a parent who was also an old school chum from years gone by. She had a son and was looking for a school in the UK (she was an expat living overseas and wanted a boarding environment) to educate him. She asked my advice on schooling, based on a range of criteria that she and her husband had identified, and I advised and offered options.  The rest, as they say, is history. Incidentally, that young man went through Eton and is now bouncing off to Oxford. Result.

The second event (or to be more truthful, a range of events…) related to work that I had done sporadically for schools over the years relating to offering advice and guidance on the design and development of their facilities notably, but not exclusively, within Design, Technology, Art and ICT. Recently the school I was employed at were looking to develop an overseas hub in Abu Dhabi and I was involved with this – and that kindled an additional fire in my belly.

So there you have it. Another exciting world of work awaits. What that means as well is the world of social media and blogging so here I am – moving into blogging and discovering the scary world of self employment. Fingers crossed….be kind.

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